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Technical education in India has made a path-breaking progress over the last one and a half decade. Today it is challenging even the front-running nations of the world giving them a run for their money. At GT we have always believed not just keeping pace with time but staying ahead of it. That is why we have been the pioneers of the latest technical training since 1980.

From publishing a monthly bulletin in 1984 to publishing more that 1000 volumes of technical books, from the launch of radio TV training centre to the most comprehensive hardware and networking engineering colleges nationwide, GT has come a long way. Today GT's hardware and networking training programme has been successfully fulfilling the career objectives of thousands of students all over India.

Mr. SK GUPTA - Chairman


It began as a small effort to empower youths with a much substantial career option to meet the need of the market & industry and gain the extra potential that main-stream courses fail to provide.Today it has metamorphosed itself into a legacy of success throughout India expanding by leaps and bounds to ensure bridging the gap between education and career. .

While the IT industry is on a boom and its collateral service is readily sought after by a number of other companies the need for competent hardware and networking professionals is on a rise. It has also opened other new avenues of technical professionals as well. Hence our courses have evolved with new trends and trust. Advanced curriculum, industry-oriented module, international association we stop at nothing. Welcome to GT, get connected to success.



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